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SAND-x MOTORS is the sole and exclusive producer of the SAND-x T-ATV (Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle). The vehicle is built since 2007 and in service with different Government and Non-Governmental clients on all continents. SAND-x MOTORS can provide mobility and logistic where other can’t reach. It can be operated on all kind extreme terrains and toughest of climatic environments from a variable temperature of -50°C to +60°Cin both manned and unmanned modes. With a robust acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than ten seconds it can reach a top speed of 185 km/h.

T-ATV 1200 - One vehicle for all missions

The T-ATV 1200 (Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle) by Sand-X Motors is the most efficient and versatile land systems for special operations and the only real all-terrain vehicle worldwide. It can be operated on all terrains- manned and unmanned. This advanced land system, is the world’s fastest & safest off-road vehicle, designed to conquer the most roughest terrains and extreme climatic environments (from -50°C to 60°C).

The T-ATV 1200 can be operated in arctic conditions and all kind of snow and ice. The track, similar to Snowmobiles, is the perfect solution for a safe and fast operations during arctic conditions. It be can be driven on snow and no-snow terrains without any modifications needed.

The T-ATV 1200 can be operated on roads whitout any restrictions.

The T-ATV 1200 equipped with the URS Laboratories remote control system, supported by 3-axis cameras, GPS tracking, two way microphones, headset display, enables the operator to drive the vehicle remotely in dangerous situations and terrains.

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The T-ATV1200 can be equipped with a wide range of certified ballistic protection or fibre lightweight protection. It is the perfect solution for Airdrop Operations. Due to the very low point of gravitation and the balanced installation of the lift/tow points the vehicle will always reach the surface stable and in an operation-ready position.

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