Eirene-trovicor Solutions India Pvt.Ltd

Trovicor provides the tools for law enforcement, public safety and government intelligence communities in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism and other criminal activities conducted over today’s telecommunications network, the internet and social networks.
Eirene-trovicor Solutions India Private Limited” (ETSIPL) is engaged in development, systems integration, hardware sizing, implementation, management and maintenance of Trovicor systems and solutions in India and other agreed markets.
Trovicor has over more than 25 years of experience and is a world leader in turnkey end- to- end lawful interception and intelligence solutions. The explicit USP is it can provide real time actionable intelligence and tools for law enforcement.


Interception Management System (IMS)
Our Interception Management System (IMS) allows operators to monitor any kind of wireless network in line with international standards. Investigators can mark potential targets within a network and then deliver and distribute this data to the Monitoring Center.

Data Retention System (DRS)
Trovicor’s Data Retention System (DRS) is a centralised management platform for accessing and retaining call detail records providing secure and fast data retention and retrieval. Through the automation of request handling and delivery of search results, operators can save time and money whilst ensuring adherence to national legal requirements for data protection.

Passive Voice
Our passive voice solution is a strategic intelligence system for capturing voice traffic over both domestic and international lines. The solution is a highly scalable collection platform that allows for the interception of fixed and mobile telephone networks.

Cell-based Monitoring
Trovicor offers a comprehensive area-centric solution for communication monitoring and interception including border and territory monitoring, building and site monitoring, event monitoring as well as other areas of interest.

Investigators can monitor borders of countries or inside a country to observe, for example high crime risk areas, important buildings or areas; for example government buildings, diplomatic districts, airports, harbours as well as political or religious gatherings, sport events or concerts and even areas where the usage of mobile phones is prohibited for example prisons and military facilities.

Geo Location
Trovicor provides a wide range of target geo-location solutions to help law enforcement track domestic and international targets both nation-wide and internationally, using our accurate geo-location solutions to extract precise location information from cellular networks and generate alerts of suspicious movements.

Deep Packet Inspection
Trovicor’s IQ Probe is a Deep Packet Inspection probe that decodes protocols, extracts information embedded in traffic and delivers relevant information in the form of metadata, content and raw packets. Operators can gain access to subscriber identities, related contacts and communication content.

IQI00 Probe is powered by IQ Engine, which allows real-time evaluation and information collection of all types of IP traffic sent over 100G links. IQ Engine recognises and classifies over 1000 applications from an IP stream, extracts information and delivers metadata, content and raw packets for further processing.

Cyber Investigation
Our cyber investigation solutions provide operators access to concealed intelligence in compliance with national legal frameworks.

Integrated with trovicor’s next generation Monitoring Center these innovative cyber tools allow investigators to target suspect devices and extract valuable intelligence.

Web & Social Network Crawler
Social network monitoring and analysis solutions automate the collection and analysis of social network intelligence enabling law enforcement to work efficiently and effectively.

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